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More Than Handcrafted

I’ve always been drawn to intricate detail. I believe that simple clean design is beautiful, working with the best material is fundamental, great design never goes out of style, and you don’t need a lot of jewelry to create a lot of options, just the right ones!

I’m devoted to creating original fine filigree jewelry with the highest quality and care in hopes that you enjoy this art.  


“I believe that jewelry has a soul. There is a special feeling in knowing that something you wear was handmade with love. That a skilled artisan has put hours of work into making it unique. The beauty of the art of Filigree jewelry is that every piece is one of a kind and can never be replicated exactly.”
— Liliana Olmos, founder and artisan, Olmox Jewelry  832 454 6326



Every piece in the Olmox Jewelry collection has been carefully handcrafted from tiny beads and super fine threads of gold and silver. To achieve the beautiful scroll work and delicate lace-like patterns, precious metals first have to be hand spun into fine pliable threads. This is done by manually stretching the metal until it is fine enough to work into complex ornamental shapes. The thread is then twisted by hand into highly detailed floral motifs. Finally, with the help of a blowtorch, the artist solders the design together at the points of contact to form beautiful, but strong, jewelry pieces.


The Art of Filigree

This intricate technique is called Filigree, and requires an exceptional amount of handwork. As result every design is completely unique and impossible to replicate. Filigree metalwork is one of the oldest forms of jewelry making in the world. Jewelry and artworks made with this method have been found from ancient Mesopotamia 5000 years ago.


The Artisan

Liliana Olmos took an interest in art and design early on. She was introduced to jewelry making at a young age in her uncle Salomon’s workshop. Since then she has studied the art of Filigree, and has been refining her own unique style over the past fifteen years. Her style can be described as timeless with a contemporary twist. The inspiration from ancient Filigree art and modern jewelry principles fuses into a sophisticated aesthetic with unparalleled attention to every intricate detail.

Contact us at 832 454 6326