1. Do you do custom orders?

Yes, I do custom orders, It can take about 5-6 weeks so contact me in advance because this requires time. For this reason to start any custom order there is an extra fee of $150 which is for design (this doesn't include the piece it self). This mean you'll have a one of a kind piece made just for you.  If you don't want to pay this fee you can select the pieces ready to ship on line.


2. How to you handle repairs?

I have a warranty of 2 years in all my pieces, if you are in between the time of this warranty ( please check your receipt and send me the order #), please contact me to info@olmox.com your repair doesn't have a charge. Just pay the shipping to my studio and I'll cover the shipping back to you. please pack the jewelry in the same box or container I gave it to you, if you don't have it make sure you use a box that is going to protect the jewelry from getting smashed. 

if your warranty has expired there is going to be a charge, please send the picture of the piece you want to repair, to info@olmox.com. I'll send you an invoice with the charge of repair and shipping expenses. 


3. Do you do repairs of other filigree artists?

No, I only do repair of Olmox Jewelry


4. What shipping company do you use for shipping?

I mainly use UPS, contact me if you need special shipping.


5. Do you teach Filigree?

It's in my future plans but not for the moment, time is tight and too many things to do with a baby.


6. How do I clean my jewelry?

Please check this video.


7. The gold plated is coming off, what should I do?

contact me, I'll re do the gold plated.  Fees apply