Taking Care of your Olmox Silver Jewelry

As Filigree jewelry is intricately crafted, proper care must be taken to keep it clean and sparkling. Please follow these simple tips or watch video. 

  1. Add jewelry and let stand for 15 minutes in low heat, until it boils. If the piece has a gemstone, please do not boil it.
  2. Dip a toothbrush in the water to wet. Remove one piece of jewelry and brush all surfaces with the toothbrush, hard. Be sure to apply enough pressure to get the bristles in the crevasses and holes of the filigree.
  3. Rinse jewelry under fresh warm running water to remove soap. Shake off excess water.
  4. Place jewelry on a clean towel to air dry.
  5. Enjoy your sparkling clean jewelry
  6. Yellow or white gold-plated jewelry should be individually wrapped when not worn. Do not subject them to the above cleaning procedure.

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cleaning filigree these are the steps with Olmox

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-Keep the jewelry in their individual bags or hung to avoid entanglement with itself or with other jewelry.

- Avoid hard blows or falls to keep the filigree intact.

-Prevent early tarnish of your jewelry by avoiding direct contact with perfumes, creams, lotions, lacquers, dyes, sea water and pool water.

- Wash your jewelry with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste (preferably one which contains backing soda) to maintain their shine.-Do not expose to chemicals, even during housework. Exposure to chemicals can tarnish silver. Although damage is not usually irreparable, it’s better to be safe!

-If applying make-up, remove jewelry, and put on again only after you’re done applying make-up and washing your hands.

-Perfumes – never put silver jewelry in contact with perfumes. As with make-up, apply perfume first, then wash your hands and put on your jewelry.

-While filigree jewelry is not fragile, it does not mean that you should do any rough work while wearing it. Take your rings, bracelets, etc. off before doing any heavy work.

-Tarnishing will also occur if you put your silver filigree in contact with salt- or chlorinated water.