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HOUSTON IS LAUDED FOR MANY THINGS FROM ITS DIVERSIFIED ECONOMY TO ITS SPORTS TEAMS AND EVEN ITS VAST NETWORK OF FREEWAYS. In the past several years however, the city’s robust art scene is making a name for itself, as well. Artists from just about every genre have made Houston their home and keep the current of creativity in the city thriving. This month we have handpicked six local artist you need to know.

 #1 Artist Edgar Medina has been inspiring Houston com- munities with his colorful works of art for over ten years. Originally from Mexico, Medina pulls his vibrant heritage into his craft through his love of bold colors. With a rep- utation for his large-scale abstract works, you will see a theme of nature influencing his artist touch as you explore many of his series. medinaedgar.com

#2 Liliana Olmos, founder and artisan of Olmox Jewelry creates beautiful pieces using the ancient art of filigree jewelry. To achieve the beautiful scroll work and delicate lace-like patterns, she spins precious metals into fine pliable threads. This is done by manually stretching the metal until it is fine enough to work into complex orna- mental shapes. Olmos describes her style as ”timeless with a contemporary twist.” olmox.com

#3 Abbie Preston Edmonson, owner of Box Sparrow, is an artist whose primary focus is clay. For Abbie, each piece becomes a surface for intuitive mark-making and ges- tural brushes of color, quickly moving and throwing the brush against the clay vessel to encapsulate movement with vibrant patches of glaze that are then overlaid with washes of color much like watercolor. She chooses to leave the form mostly unglazed, allowing the raw texture of the clay body to unveil itself through both the smooth and matte surfaces of pigment. Her color choices are intuitive and at times, emotional. It becomes more about what she feels in the moment, what color she is drawn to and how they interact with one another on the surface of each piece. boxsparrowstudio.com

#4 Dusti Joyner is an artist who creates sculptural paintings with pallet knives. She uses large amounts of thick acrylic paint to create movement through light, shadows, and pattern. As natural light passes the canvas throughout the day, it changes how my paintings are perceived creating a unique experience to every viewer. She loves exploring the use of scale and palette knife strokes to create differ- ent textures. dustijoyner.com

#5 J. Landa Jewelry, a longtime Houston jewelry retailer, has just moved and opened its new doors in River Oaks. Expect to find jewelry that’s inspired & bold, luxurious & global. Owner Jay Landa helps his clients create jewelry looks that are unique and personal. j-landa.com

#6 Eepi Chaad is a practicing multidisciplinary artist, advo- cate, and environmentalist who tells stories using tex- tiles, fibers, metals, places, and people. Chaad’s work studies humanity’s relationship to both natural and built environments through time. Chaad believes “art is for every community and creativity is in every human.” esquaredpidesign.com

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